« The World is Over ! » till we wake up !

Over or Zero.
There is something more important but still related to this.
Yesterday ardleg told me he allready created music about this. Right it was in 2017.

So what was the set of themes of necktar 2017 ?
And what was the singularity of this set, 9 it was the reverted theme of volume 7.

Well seems since Necktar 2017 volume 9… The World is Over is still stuck in the 3 last volumes.

And it tells an answer for the whole questions art process of Necktar 2017...
The world is Over or ZERO !

To do a coil a golden spiral whatever or to do the loop, snake eating is own tail, karma wheel ?

It’s time to make a choise but how strange is the way to reach it...

About the answer gave by the process, it's clear that creating rules cut us out of life experience, of any free will, the choice between stop and continue, right or wrong,
any dual polarity is a trap, for me it's better to make a choice everytime we can, spontaneous, to find the many hidden ways between the two extremities, flexible as life.

I’ll keep on writing the logbook if anything new bring by the process deserve to be write.
But when you get a art process it’s a kind of modelisation each time you get dot to transpose you need less data from the original process, the modelisation is working in your subconscious.

So happy easter eggs and feel free to share what kind of creature with quicksilver wings will pop out of your egg.

ed end