« The World is Over ! » Meta Compilation Open Call.
The track must correspond to a reason for humanity to continue or to stop and it must be mentioned in the title.
No time limit. The deadline is June 17th 2020. Send one track per project in wav format with the following information :
Track title : ………………..
Project name : ………………..
Project link : ………………..
If you want to explain why you made this choice or why it is a good reason feel very free to do it.
According to your choice write to empathexagone@gmail.com for Continue or to araknodaedalus@gmail.com for Stop.

The compilation will be completed progressively and available in free download under Creative Commons license
(By/NC/SA creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/ )
here :
A Side yoshiwaku.bandcamp.com/album/the-world-is-over-a-side
B Side zonefusion.bandcamp.com/album/the-world-is-over-b-side

It will be published next on the netlabel archive archive.org/details/le-colibri-necrophile

Beware, if you have already participated in Necktar 2017 or Pikadon please read the information on this page www.necktar.info/Over/

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The World is Over ! 2020: Year of the Rat or of the Last Judgment ?

It might sound like a dirty joke, but it isn't. It had been planned for a long time. Last year during the development of Pikadon, I told some friends about it. It was when I watched Michael Epstein's documentary on Yoko Ono and John Lennon that it hit me with all the weight of a revelation. Since the time of the « War is Over! » action, not only have wars not stopped, but there have never been so many wars in the world. So I wanted to do a somewhat special project.

Since many years, mystics have been repeating like a mantra that the Age of Choice has come. Likewise the charlatans and the blinded cry out emergency ... I would like to clarify in order to avoid any confusion, all those who cry out emergency are not charlatans! Indeed about the climate emergency and its consequences we take it every day in the teeth. Yet it is urgent ... to take the time. In the style of year 01 (this version is in french with spanish subtitles I'll try to update it with an english one soon). We stop everything and ... we start. Start living. Do not start again because I do not believe that we can call living the state of alienation which was our daily lot until March 2020. Of course as all remarks this can be nuanced, we can object exceptions, Etc. In any case to stop, even if it remains imperfect; moreover the inequalities are shocking; I think that we’ve never come so close to this saving moment. When you can lift your head from the handlebars and realize how good it is, when nature takes back its place.

This afternoon my daughter-in-law pointed out to me that the light was dazzling outside. I realized that for years I doubted living in my original world, because in the one I knew as a child, you could not fix the sun without having to look away, instead of what it was simply because our society was swinging so much shit in the atmosphere, that it dimmed its luster. That's not all. We can even realize how isolated we were already before the lock down by walls, the most terrible of which is perhaps the theoretical absence of time, since the rule of the rigged game claims that we should sell our time life to survive. It wouldn't take much more for a larva to turn into a butterfly.

So what will we do if the bloodstained hands of the states close over us?

Will they have the slightest pity? Whereas a few months ago in france for example, the government sent copsS to beat and injury the medical personnel who demonstrated just for less catastrophic conditions in order to save lives. For me, there is no god, guide or government to save us, no scapegoat, no expert, I dream of us, emancipated. Alive. In the image of this solidarity which arises from the empathy which characterizes us and distinguishes us from those in power. When we choose to disobey their laws, for example to protect migrants or now, when we try to organize to act on their behalf. Developing alternative support networks.

So you can see this project as a musical game, a somewhat unusual April Fool. Or feel how serious what is at stake is. Realize what it means that some of your loved ones are murdered, whether out of incompetence or more or less intentionally, for example for the sake of profit. Do you want to wait for mediacracy to target a scapegoat and tell you stories to wash their hands. Or are you ready to use your renewed lucidity to ask yourself the same essential question that those who will participate in this musical project will ask themselves :

"The piece must imperatively correspond to a reason for humanity to continue or to stop."

Shall we continue or stop? Implied: are we letting our planet to be destroyed by the endless greed of a few ones or are we ending the nuisance of the current political system? A question which undoubtedly leads to many others.

Speaking of questioning, I imagine that by dint of beating around the bush, you must be divided between a legitimate exasperation or a certain discouragement, it is therefore more than time to explain myself a little better about what is the project "The World is Over! "

Originally, I intended to offer only a physical K7 version, which only concerned those who have already participated in Necktar 2017 or Pikadon, for a simple reason is that I will make these artisanal cassettes and even if I only send two per person with 1 minute 23 seconds, that's already a lot of cassettes! Fortunately, as I really have a tooth against exclusion, inspired by the example of the compilation of Fraction Studio ANDREAS 24 VIRUS.

I decided to also make a virtual version on Bandcamp where the songs will be added as they arrive.

What makes this project singular is its Citizen Initiative Referendum side, well, there is no ill-intentioned state to swing its propaganda or limit consultation voluntarily and thus bias the result, as was done with the ZAD of Notre-Dame-Des-Landes. Participants will send their audio arguments on B side if they are in favor of the maintenance of humanity or A side if they choose its extinction. We will see on which side the scales tip ... Maybe we will even be surprised to discover that it is not humanity, but its way of life that is the real object of judgment. Obviously, only I will not have the means to make this judgment effective. At the start, what seemed to me the most interesting was to question the certainty of the continuum. I was far from suspecting the unfortunate combination of circumstances that was going to happen, even if too often for my taste I have to face disturbing coincidences.

So, given the situation in which we have been living for several weeks, I was a little hesitant to launch this project fearing that it would sound like a dubious joke. But the Chinese government which divides at least ten the number of their victims, is it funny? And the French government unable to tax income above 250,000 euros to finance the public medical sector, when it would be a ray of hope for healthcare workers, is it funny? And the world government which uses COvid-19 to experiment on a large scale with its dystopia ... Ah no, sorry! There is no world government just the reign of incompetence on all stages of the profit pyramid if I believe Peter's principle and possibly a constellation of micro conspiracies on all stages.

In short, I hope not to seem radical, where there is only well-intentioned frankness, I can understand that it seems strange for who does not understand that some are its qualities commercial music will never have the incomparable quality of demonstrate in practice an alternative operating model. But honestly you'd have to be more crossed out than me to take this for humor.

The only certainty that I have is that we have to learn to dream again if we ever want to really get out of confinement.

This article was written by Robot Meyrat. Dole. The 1st April 2020.
English translation by Ed End. Article and illustration distributed under free license https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/deed.fr
Reproduction encouraged with source and without modification.