If you contributed to Necktar 2017 or Pikadon you can do a slightly different project :

I'd like to collect the tracks but not release them public till the last volume of Necktar 2017 is not done,
I mean it could take a while perhaps next year or the later in 2023.
The volume 10 is a remix of the 3 previous volumes so It will help to bring more actual sounds to build the playlist.
I hope it is not too much complicated... Also It could be frustrating to wait that long so I prupose to sent you
freely by postal mail 2 DIY audio tapes made by own hands before the fall of this year.
That's why I need to limit this offer to a low number of contributors.

Except this and that the time limit for the track is 1 mn 23 seconds the rules are slightly the same.

The track must correspond to a reason for humanity to continue or to stop and it must be mentioned in the title.
The deadline is June 17th 2020. Send one track per project in wav format with the following information :
Track title : ………………..
Project name : ………………..
(if you were contributing under a different project in Necktar 2017 or Pikadon please indicate it also)
Project link : ………………..
Don't forget to indicate your side : B if you prefer that the humanity Continue or A to Stop.

Send your track to colibri.necrophile@gmail.com 

The compilation will will be under Creative Commons license
(By/NC/SA creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/ )

Of course you can contribute instead/also to the online project.

I will give more explanations about the project the sooner I can, perhaps you can learn more with the previous project PIKADON.

There is more information here "Why "The World is Over !" : (Version Française)

The Last Judgement or an instrospective dive in ourself to find how to reach a better future ?


Also usually I ask to friends netlabel to help me, this time I'm in a bit of a rush...
But sure to check that few ones if you'd like to discover marvellous musics

Camembert électrique www.camembertelectrique.bandcamp.com/
Cian Orbe Netlabel www.humanfobia.jimdo.com/cian-orbe-netlabel/
Earsheltering www.earsheltering.free.fr
Eg0cide Productions www.eg0cide.com
Fraction Studio www.fractionstudio.bandcamp.com/
GodHatesGodRecords https://archive.org/details/ghgrnetlabel?sort=-publicdate
Hak-Lofi Records www.h.a.k.free.fr/
Hamfuggi Records www.hamfuggirecords.bandcamp.com/
Murmure Intemporel www.archive.org/details/gronde-murmure?sort=-publicdate
The Necrophile Humingbird www.horsnorme.org

And if you know free download music sources it could be very helpful to send them to my free download only radio blog. https://radiofreealbemut.tumblr.com/